3 Essential Jewelry Pieces Every Women Should Keep in Their Wardrobe

‘Beauty is who you are. Jewelry is simply the icing on the cake.’

But, we can all agree that this icing is extremely important in every woman’s life. After all, jewelry is the last touch that adds the final touch to a woman’s body and makes her ready for any occasion. 

Of course, it’s no secret that diamonds are every girl’s best friend, but we all know that wearing diamonds everyday is not a practical option. They are more suited for those special occasions. In one’s everyday life, one often resorts to the basic jewelry that they have picked up from local stores and different online platforms. 

While every girl follows a different checklist while buying this everyday jewelry, it’s crucial to have a few essential jewelry pieces in your wardrobe that’ll help you arrive in style all the time. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of top 3 jewelry pieces every woman must keep in their wardrobe. 

1. Sterling SIlver Halo Necklace


If you’re looking for a go-to daily necklace that could go with any outfit, this sterling silver halo necklace is your answer. The necklace comes with a 6mm Round White American Diamond stone that looks elegant. 

This stone is paired with a silver chain that perfectly matches the overall outlook of the necklace. Whether it’s your friend’s birthday bash or you simply want to carry a casual look, this silver necklace will help you get ready for any party and ensure you come there in style. 

2. Eternity Band Ring

Has your partner still not gone down on one knee and asked you for marriage? Well, he will do it one day, when everything falls perfect. But, till then, you can get this eternity band ring that looks extremely stunning on one’s finger. 

This silver sterling ring has multiple American diamond stones placed in a circular shape that make the ring look like a little band. You can pair this eternity band ring with a pair of denim shirts & kick-off the day in a casual style. It can also be a great choice as an everyday ring that goes with every outfit. 

3. Infinity Love Bracelet

This last piece of jewelry on our list is a go-to and an affordable accessory that every girl can own without burning a hole in her pocket. Since the theme so far has been silver, it makes sense to include a bracelet that also has a silver design. 

However, the cherry-on-top is the white diamond infinity stone that gives this bracelet an appealing look. Having a lightweight design, this bracelet will feel like nothing on your wrist and you can wear it wherever you want. 

It can also be a great gift option, if you want to surprise one of your girl best friends or little sister with an artistic piece of jewelry. 


We believe that a girl’s wardrobe can never have enough jewelry. But, we also know that buying diamonds is not a practical option for every woman. That’s where the above-mentioned jewelry pieces come into the picture. They look visually stunning and don’t put a burden on the wallet either. You can further explore our exclusive jewelry collection and find the best jewelry pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

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