A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Bracelets for Your Partner

Buying jewelry for your partner will be one of the most crucial milestones in your relationship. It means you’re at the stage when you are no longer keeping things casual and want to showcase your commitment. 

Unfortunately, for guys, especially when they’ve never stepped foot in a jewelry store before, it can become a bit hectic to buy jewelry for their partner. We suggest you start with something simple – for instance, a bracelet. Unlike other jewelry pieces such as a ring or a necklace, a bracelet is a pocket-friendly gift option and the perfect choice for people in new relationships. 

However, even while searching for a bracelet, you’ll be bombarded with multiple options to choose from. So, to make your bracelet hunt easier, we have compiled a quick guide on how to buy the best silver bracelets for women that’ll make the perfect jewelry gift for your partner. 

1. Know Her Style

Bracelets for women are available in different styles. Before you go online or visit the nearby jewelry store, make sure you are well-familiar with your girl’s style. 

Does she like wearing conventional bangles, pearl bracelets, or chain bracelets? Based on her style preferences, you’ll be able to narrow down the list to the most suitable bracelets. 

Now, identifying your girl’s style will be a bit tricky as you’ll have to precisely go through her jewelry collection or find little hints in her conversations. In any case, make sure to get her something that she would actually wear every day. 

2. Set a Budget

Women’s jewelry can cost anywhere between $300 to $10,000. That’s why when you decide to buy a bracelet or any other piece of jewelry for her, don’t forget to set a budget in mind. 

If you know how much you’re going to spend, it’ll be easier to look for the bracelet within the specific category. For instance, silver bracelets for women are comparatively cheaper than gold or platinum bracelet. 

Similarly, handmade silver bracelets are another affordable gift option you can consider to surprise your partner.

3. Explore Online Jewelry Stores

Buying jewelry from an offline store has become a thing of the past. Today, you have the liberty to buy high-quality jewelry from an online shop such as Jewelrymex. 

Being a multi-vendor jewelry store, Jewelrymex gives you access to a wide variety of jewelry options from across the world. The diversity in design options will ensure you can buy something that goes with your partner’s style. 

Moreover, Jewelrymex also provides shoppers the liberty to avail exclusive discount offers and buy handmade silver bracelets at pocket-friendly prices. 


We hope this brief guide helps you find the best bracelet for the love of your life. Since buying a piece of jewelry is a significant step in any relationship, you would not want to make any blunders while choosing the first piece of jewelry for her. Along with the gift, you can also plan a surprise, a romantic getaway, or a dinner date to make the moment extra special for her. Meanwhile, explore our diverse collection of silver bracelets for women and get something as special as her. 

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