Expand Your Jewelry Business Overseas

Jewelrymex is a multi-vendor jewelry store designed to bridge the gap between vendors looking to expand their business and customers searching for high-quality jewelry. With Jewelrymex, vendors can easily take their business online from India, USA, Mexico, and several other parts of the world, and sell their products to global customers. 

Our multi-vendor setup allows global merchants from different countries to scale their business, irrespective of their business size, and reach worldwide customers to generate better sales. Whether you run a multi-city store, a local jewelry shop, a jewelry startup, or work as a jewelry exporter, Jewelrymex is a reliable platform to take your business to the next level.

Start Selling Jewelry to Global Customers with an Easy Onboarding

At Jewelrymex, we believe in making the jewelry business more organized and transparent for both customers and vendors. That’s why we have tailored an easy onboarding process so that vendors can quickly set up their shops, list jewelry products, and start selling to worldwide customers. 

To do this, create a vendor’s account, establish a name for your shop, add location, add preferred currency, and start listing the desired products. To set up the vendor’s account, you’ll need access to

Once you’ve set up the account, our team will verify your shop’s status and approve the account accordingly. After receiving the approval, you’ll be able to list the products and accept orders from millions of potential customers.

Become a Verified Merchant With Jewelrymex Without Paying Anything Upfront

That’s right! You can join Jewelrymex as a vendor without paying any subscription charges whatsoever. We only charge “selling fees” from our vendors, which is a minor percentage of the selling price and varies for each product. To list your products on Jewelerymex, you’ll also need additional information along with the product ID. 

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