What Does Turquoise Mean?

What Does Turquoise Mean?
Turquoise is an opaque stone with colors ranging from blue to green. The name ‘turquoise’ comes from a French word that means ‘Turkish’. This is likely because the stone was first introduced to Medieval Europe by Turkish sources.
Native America
Southwestern Native Americans believe that turquoise represents the life-giving waters and green tones of nature. Many also believe it is a protective stone because of its deep connection to the earth.

Native Americans believe people who wear turquoise jewelry attract helpful spirits and repel negative energy. For this reason, they have decorated tombs with carved turquoise animals, weapons bearing turquoise beads, and amulets featuring turquoise gemstones.

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean
Turquoise was first mined by the Ancient Egyptians about 5,000 years ago. At the time, the stone became a prominent sighting in the tombs of wealthy people. Fun fact: Cleopatra actually kept a collection of turquoise stones.

After its discovery in Egypt, word of the stone spread across the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean civilizations.

People the world over have revered turquoise as a good luck stone for centuries. Blue as the summer sky or a robin’s egg, this soft stone has inspired many mystical associations.

The Benefits Of Using Turquoise Crystals
Courage and Strength: Turquoise is known to bring courage, strength, and protection. It helps the wearer stand up for themselves in challenging situations, as well as offer emotional support when needed. Its protective energy helps ward off negative thoughts and energies while encouraging trust in oneself and one’s intuition.
Love: Turquoise has a calming, soothing energy that can bring love and peace into our lives. It’s a stone of compassion and understanding, which can help us open up to others and strengthen our relationships.
Communication: The throat chakra is associated with the power of communication, and turquoise helps us find the right words to express our needs and desires. It can also aid in improving communication between others, helping us to bridge gaps of misunderstanding and create more meaningful connections.
Healing: Turquoise has a long history of being used for its healing properties. Its calming energy helps alleviate physical and emotional pain, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. It’s also thought to help detoxify the body and boost the immune system.

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