Freshwater Pearls

What Are Freshwater Pearls?
Freshwater pearls are as the name suggests, pearls which form in freshwater environments. Freshwater makes up around 3% of all the world’s water, and is essentially water that isn’t salty – think lakes, rivers, glaciers and more. Pearls that form in mollusks in these environments are called freshwater pearls.

Freshwater pearls are the most commonly produced types of pearls, and are a favorite with jewelry designers and collectors alike. The unique shapes and colors they produce make them a dazzling addition to any jewelry box.

What is pearl Stone good for?
Benefits of Wearing a Pearl Stone (Moti)
Pearl Stone Benefits:-

It provides strength and peace to the wearer and minimizes the ill effects of the moon to bring emotional balance in life.
2. Medically, it is good for healing blood pressure and bladder disease and helps balance and maintain bodily fluids.

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