Expo Joya 2023 Best trade shows and conventions in the country of Mexico

JOYA Guadalajara 2023 is the most important jewelry exhibition in Latin America, bringing together the best of the industry in Mexico. With more than 200 exhibitors participating on a regular basis, this event showcases a variety of gold and silver jewelry, supplies, machinery and tools, watches, jewelry and accessories, fashion houses and designers, traditional items like amulets and anklets, antiques, fashion accessories, watch belts in different materials, precious and semi precious stones, engagement rings, wedding bands, nose rings and more.

Expo Guadalajara is the main exhibition space with 1,285,426 sq. ft of construction, is Mexico´s largest convention centre and first in Latin America, currently has 2000 parking places, designed according to international standards, the facilities are located on two levels that includes 15 spacious entrances, loading and unloading platforms, and functional halls with capacity for up to 50,000 people simultaneously.
With 25 years of experience supporting this site located in the heart of a major shopping and hotel area, just 35 minutes from Guadalajara International Airport, Expo Guadalajara has become the headquarters of major global events such as: The International Book Fair, International Furtinure Expo, Intermoda (Fashion Expo), ANTAD, Transportation Expo, Jewelry Expo, Expo Ferretera (Hardware National Expo) and other specialized sectors.


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